node.js with a statemachine

I understand that node.js is a single thread and is a single process in the memory, I’m working on a project employing state machine and wondering how that will work in this context. I’m feeling the states will be shared across users because it’s a single thread or a single process. Calling out for directions/advices.

let’s say I’ve state A, state B, state C

Application can only transition in this sequence, A -> B -> C

Initial state is A,

user 1 requests and as a result the state machine moves to state B and then finally state C

user 2 requests, will the state machine for this new user be in state A or state C?

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Solution 1

This article has a very interesting approach on how to deal with the FSM abstraction under an event based environment.

See also:

Solution 2

If you know about Stateless C# and experience, you can use Stateless npm porting for TypeScript/JavaScript:

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