Mocha describe is not defined

I have a directory called MochaTests. Inside there I have the example test found on the mocha website "1.2.3 Mocha". At the command prompt (My OS is WIN7), I type in Mocha, and the result is 0 passing(2 m2). I installed just like the instructions say: npm install -g mocha from what I can tell it installs just fine

So, in c:\MochaTests> I type node then I type .load test1.js I get

ReferenceError: describe is not defined.

On the nodejs googlegroup there is a post dated 2012-12-24 that is titled "describe is not defined"… they claims this "solved my problems", but did not provide any details about what he did to clear up this error.

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Solution 1


You’ll want to run mocha instead of node:

Install Mocha (globally)

npm install mocha -g

Then, run mocha


OLD (the post has since been removed):

This post says to use mocha instead of node in your command which works for me:

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