Liquid templating for Node.js

Does anyone know if there are any ports of Liquid Templating for Node.js? Or anything like it?

More or less our goal is to port Jekyll to Node.js – so anything to help with the templating side will be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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Solution 1

There are a few versions in js I’ve run across – the only node-specific port I have seen is Liquid Node which is compatible with node’s async programming

Solution 2

Thanks guys.

Ended up using eco as the templating engine.

For the layouts-in-layouts of Jekyll as well as the YAML headers of template files I coded my own:

Solution 3

As I said in a comment, it appears that Liquid has a syntax similar to Jinja2 or Django templates. Some people seem to have ported some of those templating languages:

  • Djangode (see the templates part; it contains other things, too)
  • Strobe

In addition, there seems to be a large collection of other templating languages on the Node wiki.

Solution 4

There are a few similar libraries with varying features, these are two that support inline filters:

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