installing node on jenkins 2.0 using the pipeline plugin

I am running the following docker image jenkinsci/jenkins:2.0-rc-1 to try out jenkins 2.0, and the “pipeline” view.

I can’t seem to install node. Here’s my pipeline script:

node {
    //tool([name: 'node-5.10.1', type: ''])
    sh 'echo $(whoami)'
    sh 'node -v'

The response when this runs is:

[ci] Running shell script
+ whoami
+ echo jenkins
[Pipeline] sh
[ci] Running shell script
+ node -v
/../durable-3b0b1b07/ 2: /../durable-3b0b1b07/ node: not found

Here’s what i’ve tried:

  • the jenkins NodeJS tool (which works correctly when used with a freestyle job)

  • logging into the docker container and installing node manually, for the same user:

enter image description here


Building on Jesse Glick’s answer below, i added the result to my scripts PATH:

node { 
    def nodeHome = tool name: 'node-5.10.1', type: ''
    env.PATH = "${nodeHome}/bin:${env.PATH}"
    sh 'npm install'

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Solution 1


node {
  withEnv(["PATH+NODE=${tool name: 'node-5.10.1', type: ''}/bin"]) {
    sh 'node -v'


node {
  def nodeHome = tool name: 'node-5.10.1', type: ''
  sh "${nodeHome}/bin/node -v"

should work. See JENKINS-28718 for further proposals.

By the way you can omit the type parameter and just use

tool 'node-5.10.1'

for brevity.

Solution 2

For me work next code:

  def nodeHome = tool 'nodejs5'
  sh 'npm install'

nodejs5 is the name of the tool specified in Jenkins configuration.

Solution 3

If anyone happens to deal with this issue on Jenkins running on Windows. Do the following:

def nodeHome = tool 'Node.js 6.9.5'
bat "\"${nodeHome}\"\\node.exe -v"
bat "\"${nodeHome}\"\\npm -v"

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