How to set value of select with node Puppeteer

I am trying to do some automation with the rather new GoogleChrome/puppeteer library, but I cannot figure out how to set a value in a select field.

Here is my (simplified) function to set the value of a text input:

async function setInputVal(sel, text) {
    await page.focus(sel)   'Backspace')

await setInputVal('input.searchjob',

I cant figure out how to do the same for a select field.

I have tried to set the focus, insert script and execute but I cannot get it working.

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Solution 1

I found a solution myself:

async function setSelectVal(sel, val) {
    page.evaluate((data) => {
        return document.querySelector(data.sel).value = data.val
    }, {sel, val})

await setSelectVal('#select_id', 'newValue')

Solution 2

You can use to select an option:

await'select#example', 'carrot');

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