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I want to statically remove all users from a room, effectively deleting that room. The idea is that another room with the same name may be created again in the future, but I want it created empty (without the listeners from the previous room).

I’m not interested in managing the room status myself but rather curious as if I can leverage internals to do this. Is this possible? (see also this question)

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Is that what you want ?


Solution 2

For an up-to-date answer to this question, everyone who wants to remove a room can make use of Namespace.clients(cb). The cb callback will receive an error object as the first argument (null if no error) and a list of socket IDs as the second argument.

It should work fine with v2.1.0, not sure which version is the earliest compatible one.

io.of('/').in('chat').clients((error, socketIds) => {
  if (error) throw error;

  socketIds.forEach(socketId => io.sockets.sockets[socketId].leave('chat'));



Solution 3

if you are using socket io v4 or greater you can use this:"room1").socketsLeave("room1");

//all the clients in room1 will leave romm1
//hence deleting the room automatically
//as there are no more active users in it

Solution 4

Also, it’s worth mentioning that…

Upon disconnection, sockets leave all the channels they were part of
automatically, and no special teardown is needed on your part. (Disconnection)

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