How run different versions of node.js in same time?

I have installed node v0.8.25 for my cloud9 application and i want develop on node v0.11.2. So can i run cloud9 on v0.8 and run my programs on v0.11.2 on Ubuntu? I used nvm.


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Solution 1

As hobbs said in his comment, nvm is the way to go, since it was made specifically for this.

Check out this nice article on how to set it up/use it with different versions:

Check rebrec’s comment below for instructions on how to use nvm

Solution 2

If you use pm2 to manage your application, you can use the --interpreter options and specify the path to your Node.js version.

Example: pm2 index.js --interpreter /usr/bin/node-v4.2.0

Solution 3

TJ’s n module is also useful

Install doing npm install -g n and use by doing n install lts or n install 8.2.1 for example. List of all commands is available at

You can do $(n bin M.m.x) to obtain the full path binary for node version M.m.x as long as you had installed it previously.

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