How import a external js library in laravel?

I’ve downloaded a base template from this GitHub Repo based on the following dashboard gentella.

I install the inputmask library with the following command:

npm install inputmask --save

But reading and reading, I’m not sure which is the correct step to integrate the same into an HTML page, I read about mix, saas, Compiling Assets (Laravel Mix).

I try with this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{ URL::asset('js/inputmaskpath.js') }}"></script>

and this:

    {{ Html::script(mix('assets/js/inputmask.js')) }}

The question finally is, how import inputmask into my HTML page and what it is the correct path?

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Solution 1

When you use npm to download packages, they will be downloaded in node_modules folder and they are not (directly) included/loaded into your project.

You use Laravel Mix to handle the assets compilation. So in your scenario you could handle it as the following:

First of all create a javascript file in resources/assets/js called app.js. Add the following code to be able to load the downloaded package


Then using Laravel mix you can compile app.js to produce for you one javascript file. Modify webpack.mix.js in your Laravel root folder to the following

mix.js('./resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js/app.js');

Now in your view you could load the javascript file as the following

<script src="{!! mix('js/app.js') !!}"></script>

So, in case of another downloaded package, you install it with npm first, then in your resources/assets/js/app.js file you require that package. Then Laravel mix will take care of combining all required packages into one javascript file.

I suggest you read this documentation for more information about Laravel Mix. This tutorial is useful also.

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