How can I remove object from array, with Lodash?

I’m trying to remove an object from an array using Lodash.

In server.js (using NodeJS):

    var lodash = require('lodash')();

    var rooms = [
      { channel: 'room-a', name: 'test' },
      { channel: 'room-b', name: 'test' } 

I tried with two commands and it did not work:

    var result = lodash.find(rooms, {channel: 'room-a', name:'test'});
    var result = lodash.pull(rooms, lodash.find(rooms, {channel: 'room-a', name:'test'}));

Here’s the output of console.log(result):

    LodashWrapper {
      __wrapped__: undefined,
      __actions__: [ { func: [Function], args: [Object], thisArg: [Object] } ],
      __chain__: false,
      __index__: 0,
      __values__: undefined }

Can someone help me? Thank you!

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Solution 1

_.remove() is a good option.

var rooms = [
  { channel: 'room-a', name: 'test' },
  { channel: 'room-b', name: 'test' } 

_.remove(rooms, {channel: 'room-b'});

console.log(rooms); //[{"channel": "room-a", "name": "test"}]
<script src=""></script>

Solution 2

I’d go for reject() in this scenario. Less code:

var result = _.reject(rooms, { channel: 'room-a', name: 'test' });

Solution 3


Calling the lodash function (by ()) creates a LoDash object that wraps undefined.

That’s not what you want; you want the lodash function itself, which contains static methods.

Remove that.

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