Adding external javascript files on node.js

I have a node server and I want to add an external .js file (say something.js). I have this code for now:

var st = require('./js/something');

Where something.js is the JavaScript file inside a /js/ folder. The server compiles and run, but when I try to use functions defined in something.js node tells me they are not defined.

I also tried to run them using like st.s() but nothing happens and I have an error saying that the object has no method s().

Can anyone help me?



logging st gives {} (I obtain it from console.log(JSON.stringify(st)). Also doing console.log(st) gives {} as result.

The content of something.js is just a bunch of functions defined like this

function s() {

function t() {

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Solution 1

Node.js uses the CommonJS module format. Essentially values that are attached to the exports object are available to users of the module. So if you are using a module like this

var st = require('./js/something');

Your module has to export those functions. So you need to attach them to the exports object.

exports.s = function () {

exports.t = function () {

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