import multiple images Magento ver.

How can I import multiple images for one product in magento :

import multiple images Magento ver.

I am adding images under /media/import this work fine for one image but i am not able to import multiple images, I tried using comma and semi colon(;) :

/image1.jpg,/image2.jpg and /image1.jpg;/image2.jpg

This gives error image path does not exists.

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Solution 1

I may be mistaken, but I do not believe that the importer allows you to assign multiple images to a single product. A possible workaround I would try would be to have multiple line items per import, with precicely the same data apart from the image file, which you can then assign differently per line item, which Magento will then assign.

Not the tidiest solution, but worth a shot.

Solution 2

I would recommend to use Magmi, see

Solution 3

enter image description here

Upload your csv, I have 3 images per product, fill the first row with details and leave the second and third row blank apart from the colums as above.

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