How to add new custom options with custom values on cart update?

I have a custom HTML on cart page with some checkboxes.
I am getting All the selected checkboxes in my observer “checkout_cart_update_items_before” I am able to update cart item prices in this observer.

Now on cart update I want to create these selected checkboxes as Custom option to cart items and display them with all items in cart.

Following is the code that I have tried to create Custom options.

                            'code'  => 'logo_options',
                            'value' => serialize($logo_positions),
    if ($logoOptions = $item->getOptionByCode('logo_options')) {                            
          $options = $item->getProductOptions();
          $options['logo_options'] = unserialize($logoOptions->getValue());

Below is a screenshot of Cart.

enter image description here

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Solution 1

Try below code to save your custom options’ data.
You need to create arrays for each of the options you want to add to your product. I have used static data but you can do it with your dynamic data.

$logoOption = array(
    'label'                    => 'Logo Options',
    'option_value'             => 'My Logo',
    'value'                    => 'My Logo',
    'print_value'              => 'My Logo',
$locationOption = array(
    'label'                    => 'Location',
    'option_value'             => 'Right Breast',
    'value'                    => 'Right Breast',
    'print_value'              => 'Right Breast',
$value = array('logo_options'=> $logoOption, 'location' => $locationOption);
$value = serialize($value);

Now to set this data as Product options,
Use code,

$item->addOption(array('code'=> 'additional_options', 'product_id'=> $item->getProductId(), 'value'=> $value));

This will add your data to product as options. See screenshot.
enter image description here

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