Photoshop Action to make mirrored tiling images

Let’s say I have many 1:1 ratio (square) images of varying pixel dimensions and I want to make them double the resolution and flip them on both X and Y axes so that they create a mirrored tile.

For example, going from this:

To this:

It’s easy to do manually, but how can I program it as an Action?

All the operations for moving the duplicated and flipped layers that I can think of are specified in pixel dimensions, not percentages. This has so far prevented me from being able to define an Action that works for images of all sizes.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

here is solutions:

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Solution 1

Never mind, I got it.

The trick was to use the Transform tool instead of dragging manually or using Offset.

Steps in the Action

Note: Assumes we are starting with a flat image.

1. Set Background Double-click on the layer titled Background so that it becomes Layer 0.

2. Canvas Size Set Width and Height to 100%, Relative, with the Anchor in one of the corners.

3. Duplicate Current Layer Drag the layer to the [+] in the Layers Panel

4. Transform Current Layer CmdT Place the anchor opposite of where it was during the Canvas Size operation. Set Width to -100%.

5. Merge Layers CmdE

6. Duplicate Current Layer Drag the layer to the [+] in the Layers Panel

7. Transform Current Layer CmdT Place the anchor on the top or bottom, whichever is the center of the image for you. Set Height to -100%.

8. Flatten Image Layer → Flatten Image

The Action can of course be defined in four different ways, depending on which corner you use as your Anchor.

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