How to create random pixel art pattern in GIMP?

I just need to do the same process that was done in
this post,
but in GIMP.

I can add noise to the image in gimp, but I don’t know which sliders should I move to get the wanted effect.

here is solutions:

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Solution 1

There’s an easier way

  1. Create a new image with as many pixels as you need.

  2. Choose a new foreground colour, i.e. a green colour for the grass, and fill the canvas with it using Edit > Fill with FG colour

  3. Do Filters > Noise > HSV Noise, and move the Value slider until you get the effect you want.

How to create random pixel art pattern in GIMP?

Solution 2

If you use a color-indexed image, a different solution is to use the Dissolve move that replaces random pixels with another color. Either:

Using another layer:

  • Add a layer, fill with a color from the color palette
  • Set layer to Dissolve mode
  • Reduce the layer opacity to obtain the adequate color mix

Using the paint tool directly:

  • Set the FG color from the color palette
  • Set the paint tool (brush/bucket) to Dissolve mode
  • Reduce the tool opacity
  • Paint

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