Can I Put my logo on an outputted PDF?

I create designs and then export to PDF and give them to the printers, but what I would like to do is to put our company logo on there, but not in the printable area. I know I can put the file name etc around it but is there a way to put a logo too? If not, is there a way to put my company name/author name without changing the file name?



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Solution 1

Well this is a multi-level question so I will answer them accordingly. Since you have tagged this with I would assume you have Acrobat. Since you did not specify which version of Acrobat you have I will demonstrate with Acrobat X known as Acrobat 10.

I know I can put the file name etc around it but is there a way to put
a logo too?

Adding a watermark

  • Open the PDF in Acrobat
  • On the top right there should be a list of Tools Comment Share
  • Click Tools
  • A drop down will appear with a list so click Pages
  • After you click Pages an accordion will open and at the bottom click Watermark
  • After you click Watermark another dropdown will ask you to Add Watermark, Remove, and Update.
  • A pop window will appear
  • Select the radio buttom of File and browse for your logo
  • The settings are pretty standard but for printing options click on Appearance Options
  • In Appearance Options a list of three options with a check box will show and you can toggle the first one Show when printing.

enter image description here

Adding what is known as Metadata

To add metadata we will be using Acrobat. To open the metadata options for the file do the following:

  • Open file in Acrobat
  • Click File > Properties or Ctrl+D and a popup will appear:
  • Fill in accordingly

enter image description here

Automating the process

In Acrobat 10 they removed what is know as batch scripting in later editions of Acrobat and replaced it with what is called the Actions wizard. A great video, How to use the Action Wizard, can be found on Adobe TV that shows how to use batch processing.

Solution 2

When you set up the document (or by modifying the document setup), include a Slug area of, say 18 points (1/4 inch) on the top edge. You can place anything in that area: text, logo, pictures of your cat, you name it.

When exporting the PDF, turn on “Include Slug Area” in the “Marks and Bleeds” section of the PDF dialog. Anything you have included in the slug area will be visible in the PDF, but because it is outside the bleed, it will not print unless specifically included by the prepress operator in the RIP settings. Even so, it will be trimmed off along with the bleed.

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