vim: disable multi-line command input

When using vim, sometimes I end up in a state where entered commands (ones which are preceded by a : colon) are put in some kind of secondary buffer instead of being executed, and I have to exit from this mode first (by using :q?) to be able to return to editing of the original file. Sometimes all my previous input ends up pasted in the file I was editing.

I don’t know why this feature is here, but I’m pretty sure I never need it, so is there a way to turn it completely so that it will never happen? I just need this third mode ever.

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Solution 1

There are two ways you may be accidentally brining up the command-line window. One is you are already in :-command line and accidentally press <c-f>. The other is you are accidentally typing q: in normal mode.

To disable the first:

:cnoremap <c-f> <nop>

To disable the second:

:nnoremap q: <nop>

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