Make Thunderbird look like Outlook?

I was using outlook for many years. I am trying to change my Thunderbird look like Outlook.

I found some of the settings

  • Configure the layout of the Folder pane, message list pane, and message pane according to your preference. (Menu –>View –> Toolbar/Folder/Layout)
  • Change the Font

But is there any other list of settings do i need to change

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Solution 1

Well they are different applications, so there will be differences, but I like to also add the (View –> Today pane) as Mini-Month.

If you also enable a calendar with CalDav and the address book with CardDav, then you’re getting there. As Thunderbird starts up with the tabs you close it with I keep the calendar in a second tab, and have mail and calendar right next to each other, syncing with my mail account, and therefore also with my phone 🙂

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