How do I play audio through a Bluetooth headset in Windows 7?

I recently did an in-place upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 RTM. For the most part, things have gone brilliantly. The only issue I’ve been facing is regarding my Bluetooth headset, a Dell BH200. The laptop is an Inspiron 1720.

I can get Windows 7 to pair with the headset, and even get the Bluetooth settings to show that there is stereo audio available. The problem is that the Bluetooth headset never shows up in my sound output devices list. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers from Dell, tried turning on/off all of the features of the headset, removing the Bluetooth driver and letting Windows re-detect and install, but nothing has worked so far.

I guess I should mention that the headset worked fine in Vista. How can I make it work?

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Solution 1

After a couple of hours of agony, searching online for proper drivers for my Motorola HT820 bluetooth headset, I had to do these in order to pair my headset successfully with my Win 7 RC system

  1. Uninstall Broadcom bluetooth software
  2. Download and install this
  3. Now, add your device, Windows 7 should automatically download various drivers
  4. Go to your bluetooth devices, see an entry for your headset, right click, properties, services tab and make sure headset option is selected
  5. After all these, right click volume icon, playback devices and you should find an entry for the connected bluetooth headset. Set that as default and you’re good to go!

  6. If there still isn’t any sound, you may still need to Connect your Bluetooth headset to your PC/Laptop. Go to Devices and Printers/Bluetooth Devices, right click the icon for your headset, click “Control” and on the pop-up window, click “Connect”.

Solution 2

You’ll need a driver that supports bluetooth A2DP on the Windows 7 machine. There are drivers for bluetooth the transport layer and then there are drivers for the bluetooth audio profile support. They are separate.

The first thing to do is to check Windows Update after you pair the devices. Does that find a driver? If not, you’ll have to get the driver from Dell.

Update: I’m told that Dell uses Broadcom for their Bluetooth driver. Try this site for drivers:

Solution 3

I wanted to share this information with anyone in case it’s helpful:

I contacted Dell support with the issue, and they said that I needed to download the Widcomm Bluetooth Stack software driver and gave me the following link:

I downloaded it, ran it, and it seemed to install fine, but then right at the end I got the error:

This software is not for this system, contact DELL for support.

When I replied to Dell CS with the error message, they said, “I see that the issue requires advanced software troubleshooting. As a Hardware technician, I do not have sufficient expertise regarding the issue. I suggest you to contact our advanced software troubleshooting team, Dell On Call.” Dell On Call is a fee-based service. I didn’t (and won’t be) calling.

UPDATE: I finally got it to work! Uninstall any Bluetooth software you might have installed, then install the driver from Dell (yes, the 2007 version), but here’s the kicker, install it as an Administrator! For some reason, that updated the firmware and now my headphones are working!

Solution 4

I had the same problem connecting a Samsung WEP350 Bluetooth headset to an HP laptop. If you install the following software it will work beautifully:

Solution 5

Did you use the software from Dell for Windows Vista to install it?

I’m checking the manual right now to see if I can find anything.

Try the following:

  1. Right-click on the Volume icon in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Choose Playback Devices.
  3. Right-click on Headset Earphone.
  4. Choose Set as Default Device.
  5. Click OK.


Your Bluetooth adapter does not have
the required Bluetooth profiles (A2DP,
Handset and Hands-free) in order to
transmit sound. In Vista must install
a driver to get the necessary
Bluetooth profiles to listen to audio.
Otherwise, Bluetooth will not be
listed as a mixer device and Vista may
prompt you to install “additional
drivers” after you pair the BH200.

Solution 6

How did you get it working in Vista ? I got a list for you if your hardware doesn’t work. Check What to Do if your hardware doesn’t work in Windows 7 taken from technet forum

  1. Check Windows Update for any updated drivers for that device.
  2. Check the Microsoft Windows 7 Hardware Support page.
  3. If your computer came pre-installed with Windows XP or
    Windows Vista, check the computer
    manufacturers website for Vista
    compatible drivers.
  4. Did you try to install the drivers in Vista Compatibility Mode?
  5. Did you right click and select the Run as Admin option?
  6. If you purchased the device from a retail vendor, check the device
    manufacturers website for either Vista
    compatible or the latest Windows Beta
    drivers. (ie: Dell has Windows 7 Beta
    drivers for many of their newer NVIDIA
    graphics cards)
  7. Search this forum using the device name and model as search
    keywords. Another user may have found
    a workaround for the problem you are
  8. Check to make sure that the hardware manufacturer will be
    supporting that device with Windows 7
    compatible drivers. We have learned in
    past beta testing that some
    manufacturers will not be supporting
    the new operating system with updated
    drivers for particular, outdated
    device model.
  9. If none of this works for you, you may simply need to wait until
    Windows 7 drivers are available for
    that device.

Hope those tips helps Cheers 🙂

Solution 7

I had this issue with a pair of Sony DR-BT50 headphones/headset. I followed these instructions and it has been working so far quite well.

Windows 7 came with no A2DP support and MS asked bluetooth hardware manufacturer to add this feature in driver upgrade. All bluetooth hardware on laptop where most of the time we need A2DP are made by Broadcomm (widcomm software), Toshiba or CSR. The last 2 manufacturer seem to have A2DP in Vista which should work in W7 but for Broadcomm nothing around.

I have a Motorola S9 that I wanted to connect to Dell d410 laptop with no success. This old dell laptop comes with a BT 355 internal blutooth adapter and refused to connect to my headset. After looking around for a few time a figured out how to enable A2DP in Windows 7.

  1. Download this driver from Anycomm a German headset company:

  2. Uninstall all your Bluetooth devices in device manger and ask to delete software also.

  3. Install the downloaded software natively (no compatibiliy mode needed)

  4. scan for hardware changes in device manager…it should install all devices including an audio handsfree driver.

  5. Scan for your bluetooth audio and connect.

  6. Go to you audio output devices and select the headset as an output.

Enjoy stereo bluetooth music and movies!

Good luck. Windows and A2DP has not been friendly for me.

Solution 8

Use BlueSoleil software. I tried everything, like the Broadcom, but the only solution is BlueSoleil software. I have a Plantronix 210 Explorer and it’s not working with Skype either.

Solution 9

The file available for download at the site below is the answer to the question. The Broadcom file did not work for me though it updated the Bluetooth software. Even Windows Update doesn’t give the working solution. Install it and restart the computer to start using the Bluetooth headset.

Note: Use and implement solution 1 because this method fully tested our system.
Thank you 🙂

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