Do external GPUs combine forces with an existing GPU or totally replace it?

Dell Latitude 5580 (laptop)
Thunderbolt in some version (evident from socket, BIOS and successful installation of drivers) 
Nvidia Gforce 940MX
Windows 10 Home

The internal GPU 940MX is a bit weak for me to run Diablo 2: Resurrected and I think to buy an external GPU.

Do external GPUs combine forces with an existing GPU or totally replace it?

Will the external GPU combine forces with the 940MX or will totally replace it?

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Solution 1

They don’t replace and they don’t combine either.

As far as I know an external Thunderbolt or USB connected GPU (that would be the only options for this laptop) will exist in parallel to the onboard GPU.
They can’t work together/use each others resources.

Solution 2

Like Tonny said, they will work parallel but not combine.

Windows will decide when to use one or the other, and you can change that in settings for specific programs(, and you can see which one is being used for each program in Activity Monitor>"GPU Engine".

You may need third party programs to switch GPUs more effectively(i.e. Razer’s GPU Switcher, etc.).

Alternatively, if you have two monitors, you can plug one monitor into the display out port of one GPU and the other into the display output of the other GPU, if applicable. Again, check settings to make sure each screen is running the right GPU.

You may need to be careful when combining an AMD GPU and a Nvidia GPU, but I think it’s totally doable if you do some research (only for eGPU and dGPU/iGPU, not for two dGPUs).

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