What is the best way to dynamically load connection strings

I’ve seen some other posts in this topic, but thought I would ask the question with a description on my problem.

I have a login page which uses SQL provider for the user login. Then the user should be redirected to the main application. This is a web based CRM application in which we have multiple clients.

My goal is to use a single web site, but multiple SQL databases. And the user that signs in should use a connection string that corresponds to the company he belongs.

Any good ideas?

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Solution 1

Would it work to create a simple map between the user’s organization and the appropriate database connection?

It could be as simple as a Dictionary<string, string> initialized in global.asax. The key would be the company and the name of a connection string defined in web.config.

If you need to make this configurable, you can load the values for such a dictionary from a custom configuration section.

Solution 2

Use ConnectionStrings in Web.Config. Check this link for more information : How to: Read Connection Strings from the Web.config File. You can create a Key as the Name of the organization and value as the connection string that corresponds to the organization.

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