The server tag is not well formed. When passing parameters to javascript function

Hi have always trouble with calling JavaScript function with parameters values as values bonded to the gridview. I follow SO Thread But can not used for passing this parameter . Below is the statement that I used in my aspx page.

onblur="return ValidateText(this,'<%# Eval("vehicleId") %>')"

But this gives me parsing error The server tag is not well formed. How should I call this function in design only(not from code behind).

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Solution 1

This works, but seems an HACK because I removed the enclosing quotes (anti-XHtml)

 onblur=<%# String.Format("return ValidateText(this, '{0}')", Eval("VehicleID")) %>

The problem is having " "" " or ' '' ' as part of the string.

This is better done (I wish it is easier in markup), in code-behind, e.g. RowDataBound or ItemDataBound

 control.Attributes["onblur"] = String.Format("return ValidateText(this, '{0}')", rowValue);

Solution 2

I think the problem is the outer-most double quotes ", change that to single quotes '.

onblur='return ValidateText(this,'<%# Eval("vehicleId") %>')'


Try using string.Format() as mentioned in the SO question your are refering..

onblur='<%# System.String.Format("return ValidateText(this, \"{0}\")", Eval("vehicleId")) %>'

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