Regex to check number starts with '078' and only contains 10 digits

I need to validate a Textbox in my Asp.Net application where the user can enter mobile number and it should starts with 078 and should contain 10 digits.



here is my code

 public static  bool  CheckPhoneNum(string strPhoneNumber)
        string MatchPhoneNumberPattern = "/^(?=\\d{10,11}$)(07)\\d+/";
        if (strPhoneNumber!= null) return Regex.IsMatch(strPhoneNumber, MatchPhoneNumberPattern );
        else return false;

but it always returns false.

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Solution 1

Why don’t you try this? The below regex would validate for phone numbers which should be starts with 078 followed by any 7 digit number.




  • ^ Asserts that we are at the start.
  • 078 Matches exactly the digits 078.
  • \d{7} Matches the following 7 digits.
  • $ End of the line.


Solution 2


This is a bit faster than \d if we use only numbers here.

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