How to get the previous month date in

I need to get the previous months date in which means that if the current date is 5/2/2013 then I want to display the previous date as 5/1/2013. How to solve this?

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Solution 1

Try this :

DateTime d = DateTime.Now;
d = d.AddMonths(-1);

Solution 2

The solution is to substract 1 month:


Or if not just build the datetime object from scratch:

var previousDate = DateTime.Now.AddMonth(-1);

var date = new DateTime(previousDate.Year, previousDate.Month, DateTime.Now.Day);

this time you are guaranteed that the year and month are correct and the day stays the same. (although this is not a safe algorithm due to cases like the 30th of march and the previous date should be 28/29th of February, so better go with the first sugeestion of substracting a month)

Solution 3

If you already have date time in string format

var strDate = "5/1/2013";
var dateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(strDate, 

var lastMonthDateTime = dateTime.AddMonths(-1);

else if you have DateTime object just call it’s AddMonths(-1) method.

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