Dependency Injection with ASP.NET Web API

I am trying to use DI in my ASP.NET Web API Controller. Apparently there are a few implementations out there. I was just wondering which of these (Castle, Ninject, unity etc.) would be the easiest to configure/maintain in combination with ASP.NET Web API? I am getting this error:

DI.Controllers.ImportJsonController’ does not have a default constructor.

If I add an empty constructor, then the constructor with IFilter is ignored.

This is my controller:

public class ImportJsonController : ApiController
    private readonly IFilter _filter;

    public ImportJsonController(IFilter filter)
        _filter = filter;

    public HttpResponseMessage Post([FromBody]dynamic value)
        //do something
        return response;

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Solution 1

You don’t need a DI Container for this. Here’s how to do it by hand:

public class PoorMansCompositionRoot : IHttpControllerActivator
    public IHttpController Create(
        HttpRequestMessage request,
        HttpControllerDescriptor controllerDescriptor,
        Type controllerType)
        if (controllerType == typeof(ImportJsonController))
            return new ImportJsonController(new MyFilter());

        return null;

You need to tell ASP.NET Web API about this class (e.g. in your Global.asax):

    new PoorMansCompositionRoot());

You can read about all the details here:

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