Set default value for dropdownlist using angularjs?

I have code that populates then dropdownlist and the javascript variable that gets the last item in the list. Now all I want to do is select that last item as the default .What am I missing ?

<div class="row">
    <select ng-init="lastItem" ng-model="congressFilter" ng-options="cc.congressLongName for cc in ccList"></select>
<div class="grid-style" data-ng-grid="userGrid">

   ccResource.query(function (data) {
    $scope.ccList.length = 0;
    angular.forEach(data, function (ccData) {

    //Set default value for dropdownlist?
    $scope.lastItem = $scope.ccList[$scope.ccList.length - 1];

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Solution 1

You simply need to asign a value to congressFilter in your controller.

 $scope.congressFilter = 'someVal';

It depends a little on how your data looks however.

Solution 2

It might help to new developers. need to add default id for display default item in option.

The below code sample we add [ $ = “4” ] in controller $scope to set the default.

    var aap = angular.module("myApp", []);

    aap.controller("MyContl", function($scope) {
      $ = {};
      $ = "4";

      $ = [{
        id: "1",
        name: "UP"
      }, {
        id: "4",
        name: "Delhi"

<body ng-app="myApp">
  <div ng-controller="MyContl">
      <select ng-model="country.stateid" ng-options=" as for st in country.states">
     ID :  {{country.stateid}}

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