AngularJS : How to access scope from ui-grid cell template?

How does one access $scope from a ui-grid cell template? Here’s my controller code:

app.controller('MainCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {

  // i want to reference this from a cell template.
  $ = function() { return 'world'; };

  $scope.gridOptions = {
    data: [
      { id: "item1" },
      { id: "item2" }
    columnDefs: [
      field: 'id',

      // world() is never called and is not displayed.
      cellTemplate: '<div>{{ "hello " + world() }}</div>'

See it in action here:

I would expect cell contents to show “hello world”, but they just show “hello”.

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Solution 1

According to, the grid has its own isaloted scope, so you need to use grid.appScope to access your application scope. The solution is to change the cell template to:

  cellTemplate: '<div>{{ "hello " + }}</div>'

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