Angular, limitTo and track by $index

I am trying to limit an object coming in by filtering (because there will be an option to show all eventually), however I am running into issues when trying to limitTo and track by index. Here is the code :

 <div ng-repeat="item in filter.values track by $index | limitTo:filterLimit" class="cengage-builder-result-filter-value" value="item" update-filter="updateFilter">

In the controller:

  $scope.filterLimit = 5;

It’s saying I have dupes in the angular error so I’m thinking the track by $index isn’t working here. Can’t seem to find a proper way to do this, could use some help. Thanks!

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Solution 1

Filters, like limitTo, orderBy, etc… must come before track by, since they apply to the array source, rather than to the track by expression.

<div ng-repeat="item in filter.values | limitTo:filterLimit track by $index">

Solution 2

Try this
Use limitTo
before track by

 <div ng-repeat="item in filter.values | limitTo:filterLimit track by $index" class="cengage-builder-result-filter-value" value="item" update-filter="updateFilter">

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