Change Volley timeout duration

I use the new Volley framework for Android to do a request to my server. But it timeouts before getting the response, although it does respond.

I tried adding this code:

HttpConnectionParams.setConnectionTimeout(httpParams, 5000);
HttpConnectionParams.setSoTimeout(httpParams, timeoutMs);

in HttpClientStack of the Volley framework to a different integer (50000), but it still times out before 50 seconds.

Is there a way to change the timeout to a long value?

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Solution 1

See Request.setRetryPolicy() and the constructor for DefaultRetryPolicy, e.g.

JsonObjectRequest myRequest = new JsonObjectRequest(Method.GET,
        url, null,
        new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() {

            public void onResponse(JSONObject response) {
                Log.d(TAG, response.toString());
        }, new Response.ErrorListener() {

            public void onErrorResponse(VolleyError error) {
                Log.d(TAG, "Error: " + error.getMessage());

myRequest.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(

Solution 2

To handle Android Volley Timeout you need to use RetryPolicy


  • Volley provides an easy way to implement your RetryPolicy for your requests.
  • Volley sets default Socket & ConnectionTImeout to 5 secs for all requests.

RetryPolicy is an interface where you need to implement your logic of how you want to retry a particular request when a timeout happens.

It deals with these three parameters

  • Timeout – Specifies Socket Timeout in millis per every retry attempt.
  • Number Of Retries – Number of times retry is attempted.
  • Back Off Multiplier – A multiplier which is used to determine exponential time set to socket for every retry attempt.

For ex. If RetryPolicy is created with these values

Timeout – 3000 ms, Num of Retry Attempts – 2, Back Off Multiplier – 2.0

Retry Attempt 1:

  • time = time + (time * Back Off Multiplier);
  • time = 3000 + 6000 = 9000ms
  • Socket Timeout = time;
  • Request dispatched with Socket Timeout of 9 Secs

Retry Attempt 2:

  • time = time + (time * Back Off Multiplier);
  • time = 9000 + 18000 = 27000ms
  • Socket Timeout = time;
  • Request dispatched with Socket Timeout of 27 Secs

So at the end of Retry Attempt 2 if still Socket Timeout happens Volley would throw a TimeoutError in your UI Error response handler.

//Set a retry policy in case of SocketTimeout & ConnectionTimeout Exceptions. 
//Volley does retry for you if you have specified the policy.
jsonObjRequest.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(5000, 

Solution 3

Just to contribute with my approach. As already answered, RetryPolicy is the way to go. But if you need a policy different the than default for all your requests, you can set it in a base Request class, so you don’t need to set the policy for all the instances of your requests.

Something like this:

public class BaseRequest<T> extends Request<T> {

    public BaseRequest(int method, String url, Response.ErrorListener listener) {
        super(method, url, listener);

In my case I have a GsonRequest which extends from this BaseRequest, so I don’t run the risk of forgetting to set the policy for an specific request and you can still override it if some specific request requires to.

Solution 4

 * @param request
 * @param <T>
public <T> void addToRequestQueue(Request<T> request) {

    request.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(


Solution 5

req.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(

You can set MY_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_MS as 100. Whatever you want to set this to is in milliseconds. DEFAULT_MAX_RETRIES can be 0 default is 1.

Solution 6


 stringRequest.setRetryPolicy(new DefaultRetryPolicy(

Solution 7

Another way of doing it is in custom JsonObjectRequest by:

public RetryPolicy getRetryPolicy() {
    // here you can write a custom retry policy and return it
    return super.getRetryPolicy();

Source: Android Volley Example

Solution 8

Alternative solution if all above solutions are not working for you

By default, Volley set timeout equally for both setConnectionTimeout() and setReadTimeout() with the value from RetryPolicy. In my case, Volley throws timeout exception for large data chunk see: 

My solution is create a class which extends HttpStack with my own setReadTimeout() policy. Then use it when creates RequestQueue as follow:

Volley.newRequestQueue(mContext.getApplicationContext(), new MyHurlStack())

Solution 9

I ended up adding a method setCurrentTimeout(int timeout) to the RetryPolicy and it’s implementation in DefaultRetryPolicy.

Then I added a setCurrentTimeout(int timeout) in the Request class and called it .

This seems to do the job.

Sorry for my laziness by the way and hooray for open source.

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