Android: passing parameters between classes

I have a class2 which is involved by class1 when clicks are made. I have to pass some parameters/objects from class1 to class2. I only know the standard way which does not have an option of passing parameters.

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Intent i = new Intent(this, Class2.class);


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Solution 1

You can use Intent.putExtra (Which uses a Bundle) to pass extra data.

Intent i = new Intent(this, Class2.class);
i.putExtra("foo", 5.0f);
i.putExtra("bar", "baz");

Then once you’re inside your new Activity:

Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras(); 
if(extras !=null)
 float foo = extras.getFloat("foo");
 String bar = extras.getString("bar");

This allows you to pass basic data to Activities. However, you may need a bit more work for passing arbitrary objects along.

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